About Us

An artist in every sense of the word, Katia K. combines craftsmanship and a strong sense of design.

After graduating with a BA Honours in Silversmithing and Jewellery, Katia began her career in England where her work was sold in reputable London outlets such as Liberty’s of London, Electrum of South Molton Street and Cecilia Coleman Gallery.

In 1985, Katia was the first qualified jewellery designer-maker to return to the island and establish her own studio and jewellery house in Nicosia, now known as Katia’s Treasures. Since then, her bi-annual collections featuring her distinctive signature style are regular highlights of the jewellery scene in Cyprus.

Katia creates exclusive pieces – most of them one of a kind, as well as custom-ordered creations that have been embraced by the public for their unique design and the quality of materials she chooses. Unusual precious and semi-precious stones, as well as individual carvings, are custom-cut to suit her designs.

Katia’s jewellery respects the human form. Marked by uncompromising wearability, each piece provokes your senses as it begs to be touched and worn, as a result of the artist’s undisguised affinity for sensual shapes, forms and surface textures. To date (2012), Katia has presented 45 different jewellery collections.

For me, jewellery is a form of celebrating life in all its aspects: its lessons, joy and freedom… including the freedom of choice. The choice of yellow gold is not coincidental. It captures the highest vibration of love and inner strength. Each piece is created out of love and with genuine joy, so that it in turn may be cherished and enjoyed.

Katia K.