CYPRUS SUN – Jewellery & adventure

CYPRUS SUN – Jewellery & adventure

By on September 10th, 2012

Katia K., one of the island’s leading jewellery designers, is becoming more and more adventurous.

The proof is in her latest collection, Form and Colour, on show until Sunday December 11 at her shop on Nicosia’s Kennedy Avenue.

“I am much more spontaneous and yes a lot more adventurous now. Perhaps it’s because I am more confident in my work…I don’t stop and wonder every time I draw something different,” she told the Cyprus Sun. Inspiration for her 18 new designs came from a variety of images and colours she retained in her subconscious through the years. For example, a powerful wave breaking ferociously on the rocks. That shape is now embodied in a gold and silver brooch. ‘Form and Colour’ is only the first part of a cycle Katia hopes to conclude soon. Don’t miss it.