CYPRUS WEEKLY – Retrospective Show by Glyn Hughes

CYPRUS WEEKLY – Retrospective Show by Glyn Hughes

By on September 10th, 2012

ARTE Gallery has hosted a superb exhibition of je­wellery – 15 Years of Creativ­ity – by Katia K.

Here, all is gold, with some diamonds and also yel­low sapphire! Katia is a sculp­tor who uses gold like Moore uses stone.

Gold smooth and shiny, mottled, rounded and soft-edged, sharp-edged even, or solid like an ancient relic found which only needs polishing to make it a beauty for all time. The ripple effect is from the creator looking into the sea and seeing the sand move. There are swirls of gold like a very precious wave. The shapes are so simple. Katia has always been ahead of the current minimalistic pe­riod. Forms enclose other forms belonging to each other in rarity and just waiting to be worn.

All this simplicity, of course, takes years of talent and needs a huge textural and technical background. ARTE did her proud, with tone poems by actress Nedie Demetriou and clarinettist Dusko Zarkovic. The humble brick-vaulted roof and natural stone walls of Arte made a perfect setting, while Katia’s art was waiting to be chosen.

ALL IS GOLD: Katia K. at ARTE.

Glyn Hughes: He is Arts Editor for The Cyprus Weekly and for the last ten years has conducted SYMPOSIART a series of lectures on British Art for The British Council and the Nicosia Municipal Centre.