CYPRUS WEEKLY – Talismans by Athena Karsera

CYPRUS WEEKLY – Talismans by Athena Karsera

By on September 10th, 2012

TALENTED and acclaimed jewellery creator Katia K. is exhibiting her latest collection from Wednesday. Entitled Talismans/Katia’s collection is dedicated to her 10-year-old daughter Thalia.

“‘It’s been quite few years since this desire to create such a collection began,”Katia told The Cyprus Weekly: “It was as not clear within me but I would visualise objects that contained something, closed, three-dimensional, small. It emerged clearly through the journey of inner world.” One of Cyprus’ best-known jewellery designers, Katia said that her collection symbolised that something special inside every one of us and “the need to create something symbolising this was strong.”

Created in gold with a little silver and some decorated with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies or other precious or semi-precious stones, the Talismans have also been creat­ed in a variety of designs. Some are see-through, many can be opened, others cannot. Pearls symbolise purity of the heart and I wanted this col­lection to be a challenge and an invitation for people to look for that something special inside themselves, “Katia said. She said that this something special was also what made us creative whether this creativity is expressed in creating beautiful objects, cooking or making a home for your fam­ily.

“All this is creative but we do not always realise it,”Katia noted. “So much is lost in negativity.” The collection is dedicated to Katia’s daughter as an expression of motherly love.

” When I look at her I see a remarkable person, and not just because l am her mother,” she said. “I always believe that if we realise how much we are loved by our mothers, we can get through anything that life throws at us.” Parts of the collection are also aimed at children, if not exclusively, because Katia believes that positive human qualities are more evident in the very young. “As we grow older and are not lucky enough to be in posi­tive environments this can be destroyed, either at home or at school,” she said. ” We must urge our children to get in touch with their true selves.”

Katia said that positive encouragement and attention was more important to a child than material goods and yet it was often what their parents seemed most reluctant to give them.

“It may seem contradictory to create expensive objects for children but my ultimate goal was to make the adults more aware, “she said. Inspired by qualities of the heart such as patience, love and tenderness and the energies of angels, ‘Talismans’ is what Katia hopes will be the beginning of larger collection for children.

by Athena Karsera