CYPRUS WEEKLY – When craft becomes art by Glyn Hughes

CYPRUS WEEKLY – When craft becomes art by Glyn Hughes

By on September 10th, 2012

BRIDGET RILEY, the British op-artist, is recognised for her hard-edged wonders, painted with detailed care. However, her original “ideas,” or sketches, for her final results are expressionist in the extreme.

Katia K., one of the country’s foremost jewellers, whose work is so refined, care­fully executed and technically perfect, also draws her first ideas in a very free manner. These drawings are amazing as line travels and becomes form. Katia even writes prose while in her in­spirational period.

“Quietly and irreversibly flows the river towards the sea. Marking its course and imprinting with caresses every stone that it carried with it.”

Her present collection is called Imprints and can be seen from Saturday 4-8pm, and then daily 12am to 1pm and 3-8pm, until Wednesday, at her Studio Electrum, in Kennedy Avenue, Nicosia.

I have seen this new collec­tion and it is, as expected, real top draw stuff.

This jewellery is obviously only waiting to be worn by the very best.

Flecks of silver like sunlight on a stream pass over gold. And all so light! The “engineering” is very advanced and so full of imagination. A selection entitled Playful Pebbles has minute balls or disks which roll and turn with­in the general formation of the earring.

This exhibition puts most of the ‘pieces’ shows to shame. Taste, style and that superb wear-ability. Near flesh, near dress, these are adornments made by our very best. Class, readers, class.

Glyn Hughes: He is Arts Editor for The Cyprus Weekly and for the last ten years has conducted SYMPOSIART a series of lectures on British Art for The British Council and the Nicosia Municipal Centre.